Syntax is currently available in the wild in Colorado! This list changes frequently, and if you don’t see Syntax at your favorite joint, ask for it by name. If you’re a distributor or retailer that would like to carry our products,  contact us.

If you’re looking for our original products or their vintage pinball art labels, they’re still available at the distillery while supplies last, and you can try calling these retailers that once carried them.

Colorado Locations (Precision Spirits Only)

Aggie Liquors – Vodka, Bourbon
Wilbur’s Total Beverage – Bourbon, Gin
Crystal’s Liquor – Gin, Rum

Midnight Liquors – Bourbon, Gin, Rum, Vodka
College Green Liquors – Bourbon, Rum, Vodka
Coral Bay – Bourbon
Hillcrest Liquors – Vodka
The Tavern at St. Michaels – Cocktails
Meeker’s Colorado Kitchen and Bar – Cocktails
Good Time Towne Tavern – Cocktails

House of Spirits – Rum, Gin, Wellhead Whisky
Jax Liquor — Vodka, Gin, Rum, Whisky
Gateway Liquor — Gin