Green Cred


Keeping it green.

Syntax Spirits has a strong commitment to reduce, reuse, and recycle in every way we can think of, and we’ll only do more of it as we grow and greater things become practical. Here are a few examples of our efforts:

Bottle Recycling: We purchased an industrial bottle washer so that we can wash and re-use all of the bottles that we empty in our cocktail bar. In addition, we’ll give you $2 off your next bottle purchase if you bring us back an empty bottle with the label intact. It will be reused!

Spent Grain Upcycling: All of the spent grain that we use to make our spirits is given to local farmers for their cows, pigs, chickens, and other livestock.

Composting: All of the citrus rinds, garnishes, and uneaten food from the cocktail bar is composted in worm bins or conventional compost bins. The compost is later used in our patio garden where we grow herbs, vegetables, and flowers for use in the cocktail bar.

Container Recycling: All of the glass and plastic containers and cardboard that we use at the distillery is taken to our local recycling facility.

Water Recycling: We use a recirculating chiller to minimize cooling water use in our production process. Instead of using thousands of gallons of water to cool our distillation columns, we continually reuse 30 gallons.

Heat Recovery: The waste heat produced by our production process is used to offset the conventional heating of our facility in the winter.

Carbon Footprint Reduction: As much as humanly possible, we keep things local. That means getting our grain from local farmers, and sending our spent grain back to local farmers. It means focusing on in-state distribution ahead of out-of-state distribution. We want to keep things as close to home as we can, for as long as it works.