Did you know?


Did you know that Greeley, Colorado where the Syntax distillery is located was voted as having the best water in the country by the American Water Works Association in 2017? In addition to winning the “Best of the Best” water award, Greeley water also won the People’s choice award at the same event. No other city has won both since the contest started 13 years ago.

Did you know that the word “Alcohol” is derived from the Arabic language?

Did you know that Syntax has an all-female production staff with advanced degrees in STEM fields?  Owner and head distiller Heather Bean is a Mechanical/Chemical/Software engineer who graduated from high school at age 14, and we’ve had several production assistants that are female and degreed in science.  In fact, much unlike most craft distilleries, 90% of our staff is typically female.

Did you know that methylphobia is what you have if you’re afraid of alcohol?