Photo by Jafe Parsons

Photo by Jafe Parsons


powder™ white rum

Time flies when you're having rum.

Each batch of our award-winning rum starts with 100% American dark cane molasses blended with Rocky Mountain whitewater. Then we ferment it and distill it in our handmade column stills for a clean, smooth, sugary flavor. We don't add raw sugar back after distillation because our rum is smooth enough not to need it, and we figure that you might enjoy adding exactly as much sugar as you enjoy (or don't).

We distill Powder to be smooth enough for sipping straight or on the rocks, with flavors of rich vanilla, nougat, meringue, smooth caramel, malt, sweet cereal, and brown sugar. It also mixes gorgeously and is equally at home in a mojito, caipiriniha, or daiquiri.

Powder™ has received several honors including a Good Food Award, a Silver Medal from the MicroLiquor International Spirits Awards, and a Bronze Medal from the Beverage Tasting Institute. It has also won awards for innovative packaging and was featured nationally in Wine and Spirits magazine.

As with our other labels, the art is by acclaimed pinball artist Greg Freres. The character on the label, Diamond, is owner and distiller Heather Bean's snow-sports avatar, and is what she looks like after a great day on the snow, in her head, at least.