Photo by Jafe Parsons

Photo by Jafe Parsons


Perky Pepper™ Vodka

Let green chile spice up your day!

Perky Pepper is a green chile infused vodka made from our award-winning Class V Vodka and a blend of five different hot and sweet green chilies. Its medium heat, balanced sweet-spicy-vegetal flavor, and light green hue make it a hit for sipping or in classic drinks like the Bloody Mary or Martini. It surprisingly shines with unconventional mixers like hot apple cider, fresh grapefruit juice, OJ, cocoa, & beer.

Perky Pepper has won some lovely honors, including a Good Food Award and a Gold Medal at the Craft Lager and Spirits Festival.

As with many of our labels, amazing pinball artist Greg Freres is responsible for the art. If you’ve enjoyed a game of pinball after the late 80’s, odds are high that Greg had something to do with it. For more info on the saucy kayaker on our label, check out Class V vodka.