Photo by Jafe Parsons

Photo by Jafe Parsons



Handcrafted for the drinking class.

The name Class V (Class 5) vodka is a nod to the whitewater that founder and distiller Heather Bean kayaks on the Wild and Scenic Poudre River. The Poudre winds its way into Greeley and passes within a block of the distillery, and also happens to be the source of Greeley's fantastic water. (The kayaker on the label, rendered by pinball artist Greg Freres, is what Heather looks like after a great day of rapids - in her head, at least.)

We make vodka the hard way -- from grain to glass -- never using any neutral grain spirits (NGS) or alcohol made anywhere else. When you drink Class V, you're enjoying a completely unique, truly local spirit that doesn't taste like all other vodkas. To create its unique, synfully smooth character, we start with 100% local wheat, grown at farms within 100 miles of the distillery.  Then we grind, mash, and ferment the grain on-site, and distill it in our handmade copper-and-stainless column stills. Finally, we polish the flavor by filtering through stone carbon.

Class V vodka has been awarded many honors including: Gold Medals from the Beverage Tasting Institute and Microliquor International Spirits Awards, a Finalist rating in the Good Food Awards, and several awards for its label and branding.

Try it mixed, on the rocks with a twist, or how Heather likes it -- neat.