Photo by Jafe Parsons

Photo by Jafe Parsons


Big Cat™ White Whisky

The thug life chose our cat.

Approved by Gustav the Gangster Distillery Cat! (Gustav is famous for being equally as adept at socializing with guests as he is at being a stone cold rodent killer.) Big Cat Whisky is made grain-to-glass from 100% local wheat, grown within 100 miles of our distillery, and aged briefly in a bourbon barrel. It works well in most whisky drinks, but we recommend mixing it up and trying it in drinks that call for tequila since unaged wheat whisky and agave spirits have several flavor notes in common -- think WhiskeyRitas.

Tasting notes for Big Cat that we received from the esteemed Beverage Tasting Institute: Aromas of apricot custard pastry and nougat with a silky, dry-yet-fruity medium body and a zesty pepper, citrus marmalade, and grass finish with lots of minerally warmth. A snappy white whisky with good texture and dimension of flavor.

Big Cat has brought home a number of honors, including a Gold Medal from the MicroLiquor International Spirits Awards, a Silver Medal (87 points) from the Beverage Tasting Institute, a Silver Medal from the Wizards of Whiskey Awards in the UK, and was a finalist in the Good Food Awards.